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The W17 Trimaran

• Design Information:                            See ALSO here - under 'Published Articles'

Preliminary Design Concept and Development (January 5, 2010)
Review of W17 Hull Forms (November 21, 2010) - Added Info May 2024
Intro Part 1—The W17 'Estuary' Trimaran (February 4, 2010)
Study Profile (March 16, 2010, updated May 18, 2015)
W17 Racing Rig (January 1, 2011)

• World Map of Builders:

World Map of W17 BuildersShows the first 100 only, but by 2023, well over 200 in 34 countries!

• Construction Information:

Intro Part 2—Building the W17 (February 15, 2010)
Intro Part 3—Building Manual & Plans (March 1, 2010, updated January 1, 2013)
BUY W17 BUILDING PLANS (March 1, 2010, updated April 2020)
CNC-cut Plywood Kit for the W17 (February 18, 2011, updated Jan, 2020)
What Builders are saying about the W17…
Construction Tips & Techniques with many Construction PHOTOS for numerous parts of the W17
Fiberglass hinges and latches (to replace the earlier steel ones).
Our Stories and why we built the W17...
Photo Album of "Building Magic" outside (posted Feb 2023)
Building a W17 - Summary with PDF and photos

• Operational Tips:

How to fold the Amas and Support Stool dimensions
Preparing the W17 for the Road
Handling the W17 ashore
Testing a new Storm SailSailing tips for the W17 
What's it like to sail a W17 for the first time ?
How to set up Foresail sheets on your W17.

• Sailing Photos:

Pics — W17 First Launching, October 29, 2010
Pics — W17 First Days Afloat   Lake Taal, Philippines
Pics — Round the Volcano Regatta, November 21, 2010 
Pics of the W17R, 2014 - Spinnaker
11 more Pics 2014 - #2 in 15-20kts of wind
Pics - W17 in fresh breeze 15-18 kts, Sept 2016

• Sailing Videos:    

                                     Here's a TIP.  To fully appreciate these videos and the ability of the W17, view them on a                               screen in the 20-30" range.    Connect a HDMI cable from your computer to a small TV screen                                       and select the HDMI mode on your TV Remote.    The result is really worth the effort ;)

W17R — First Launch Videos
Five Sailing videos - Sept 2015   Starting out - to Windward  - Spinnaker  -  Hove to - Reaching 
W17 video in fresh breeze with single reef. Sept 2016  14 kts boat speed
Pics (11 with Notes) and Video of W17R - October 2017   10kts in flat water.
Storm sail Video - in 1 meter waves October 2017

• Reports, Reviews, & Adventures under Sail:

First W17 Afloat — Sailing Pics, Reports and Videos
First sailing impressions of a W17, by experienced sailors, November 1, 2010
What Sailors are saying about the W17…
Eight-day Christmas Cruise
2011 Hobie Challenge—Another successful voyage for the W17…
2011 Lake Taal RTV Race—A win for the W17!
Email report after first RTV win, 2011
For what clientele is the W17 best suited ? 
W17 as a Cruising boat - article on Norwegian blog
Link to Norwegian Blog with several articles about the W17
'Magic' takes a violent flip ...  Postmortem on damage - Aug 2022
Two Builder/Sailors write in about their small tri experience after 3 seasons - Oct 2022
Review of the W17 by an experienced European racer - Aug 2023


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