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Building a W17 Trimaran ..... what's REALLY involved ?

First want to know something about what’s involved with building such a boat?    READ ON.


FIRST .... let me say that building ANY boat can be so VERY rewarding.  This is not a piece of furniture, nor a workshop or even a house ... this is something that AFTER it is finished will come alive for you, that you will take on great adventures and teach you about nature and even about yourself, something very special with which you will develop a unique, almost human experience.   Just ask those who have done it.  

But building any trimaran is unlike any traditional monohull,  so it WILL be a new experience ;)

Instead of one big hull with lots of details that seem to take for ever .. it’s numerous small pieces and tasks,  that, well,  might also seem to take forever ;)    But most builders who have done both, say they really enjoyed building the W17 as each part was an accomplishment in itself, so offering more instances of reward over the same period of time.    And each piece is detail-engineered to do a special task and that makes building it, a very satisfying experience and achievement.

As every part of the W17 has been designed for a special purpose in the most efficient way, builders seem to be intrigued by the effort to achieve that, and in fact, the builder becomes a partner in that process as they build their own parts and from the feedback sent in, this is clearly very satisfying.    Each part entices the builder to ask “so why was this designed this way?’ and then, the answer becomes apparent as the process continues..

So go to this link to discover the detail of how Building a W17 can happen for you, with a summary description and lots of photos:


ALSO … here are two other links that will clarify a few more details.    As the W17 is built using a simple ABC System that leaves you with a cleaner interior that’s comfortable and easy to maintain, you may want to learn more about it here

And then there are many Construction Tips here, that although applying to other similar boats, are shown specifically for the W17 Trimaran.

Happy Holidays !!


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