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First W17 Afloat

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W17 First Launching October 29, 2010
W17 First Days Aboard
Round the Volcano Regatta
November 21, 2010

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Review of first launch and sail… Oct 29th, 2010

First sailing impressions of a W17, by experienced sailors… November 1, 2010

Trip Report — Andrew's 8-day, 200 nm 'Christmas 2010' Cruise

Another successful voyage for the W17 — The Hobie Challenge Course 2011

What Sailors are saying about the W17…

DESIGNERS Comments about progress to date (November 8th, 2010)
Overall, I am very pleased with what's been achieved and demonstrated to date.
Is everything quite perfect? …not yet.

But considering how quickly this boat was rigged and rushed into 'racing mode', it was really quite an achievement for all involved to have things running so smoothly in such a short time. So first, thanks to all you 'pros' for your personal part in that—from the boatbuilders to the racing crew.

The interesting thing about working with 'total strangers in some far-off land' to get this first boat built and tested, is that I could impose little direct influence on them and how they built the boat, other than urge them to follow the Build Manual as closely as practical in their quite different environment and situation. And with only a few exceptions they did just that and all I needed to do was simply clarify what was intended if something was not immediately clear to them. They were also people, who despite their renowned experience with composites, admitted to having very limited experience with wood building, so this proved to be a fine test of the Plans and Build Manual. On their side, they proved to be enthusiastic, direct and challengingly pleasant to work with, and I feel this whole experience should prove a very positive one as far as new potential W17 owners are concerned as the already published comments from these people as builders, confirm their satisfaction with the design, support and info supplied to them. [see Builders' Comments]

So, with a determined goal to make the racing weekend in Puerto Galera 'come what may', there were some things that just HAD to be left unfinished and with the rough, windy weather that swept in, there was a little price to pay… CLICK here to read the rest of this very pertinent report.

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All Souls Regatta — Race 1

All Souls Regatta — Race 3

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