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More pics and video as we wrap-up the 2017 season.

The W17 Magic has sailed well over 1000 nmls during 4 full seasons and at least 40 visitors have now enjoyed a ride on this exciting boat.   No structural failures have been observed and despite some trips in very rough conditions, the folding system has also remained solid with no movement being detected, so taking time to do this as instructed in the manual, is well worth it.   Compared to most other designs, the W17 has a lot of storage space, but the only design change one might make is to improve access to the stowage space aft.   First to replace the central round deck hatch in the after deck with two openings, one each side of the tiller, to allow easier access while sailing.    Secondly, I think a fold-out hatch pocket in the after bulkhead would prove very useful for small items handy to the helmsman, like a camera, warm hat or whatever.    It’s still recommended to only keep lightweight things in the after compartment for best performance.   

Here is a short video taken on the last sail of 2017.  Magic is moving cleanly at 8-10 kts on a reach, in winds of the same velocity. This is something that owners of the W17 will really appreciate as to make 10kts in a monohull would require far more wind and the accompanying wave conditions would make the experience very wet.    Magic frequently sails at 10-12k with no spray at all and the experience  feels safe and effortless.    If you’re intrigued as to just why this boat performs as well as it does, you might enjoy an article recently published in the Professional Boatbuilder, as their Editors were intrigued also.  It’s called “W17: Can simple hull shapes be justified by science?” See list of articles published in various magazines.  [After video, hit ESC to return to this page]

Here are some photos taken around the boat while sailing the same day .  They show details of how the boat is rigged, as well as showing the space and comfort of the cockpit.    As noted elsewhere, this boat is not comparable to say the WETA 4.4 or the WindRider 17.    Though not claiming a faster top speed, the W17 is more capable in rough water as well as being much drier, more secure and more comfortable.   If not convinced, either come and take a ride … or read what sailors are saying after they did.  http://www.smalltridesign.com/W17/sailors-comments.html and then scroll down for latest comments.

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