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November 2011

Email report from Andrew after his RTV win, 2011

From: Andrew Johnson
To: Mike,

I raced the W17 at the Lake Taal YC "Round The Volcano" again. This time the wind was blowing 20+ knots and many boats capsized many times. Some Hobie sailors declined to go out. The W17 was perfect in these conditions and I won the PY class of the Governor's Cup. First race I went out with Rose. I forgot to install the spray guards so she got soaked and cold. We won easily. The second race in the afternoon, Rose was too tired and cold to go out again so I just went on my own. The boat was even better! After adjusting the angle of the mainsheet cleat, I was able to go right out on the ama and sailed her from there. Constantly working the main, I had her flying. So with one less crew member, the boat probably weighed the right amount [to compensate for the overweight build]. And with me on the ama, she had all the stiffness needed to sail efficiently. This is Pegasus' first win!

[From later phone conversation, Andrew confirmed ... "No handling issues, in fact I had a blast".]

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