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Masts, Sails & Rigging

Aerodynamics of Sail
Balanced Lugsail Rig on a Multihull
Crowther-Buccaneer Wing Mast Design
Can a monohull mast and sail be used on a trimaran ?
How required mast section is related to stability
Mast Design Calculations
Mast-Rig options for the future
Use of two masts on a multihull
Ways to build your own mast
Rigging and Mast Loads simplified
Basics of Mast Raising
Lightning Protection — some thoughts and suggestions
Sail Adjustment — to improve an old mainsail
Wing-Masts on Multihulls (are they practical?)
Waters-Wingmast Carbon Fiber Do-it-Yourself Manual
When to Reef - and how
More Q & A on Reefing and Furling

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