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How to repair a broken, but repairable CF wingmast

One of the very few carbon fiber masts designs that IS repairable, is a mast with a Central Web that can protect the section from being crushed and totally destroyed.

Typically, a mast without a central web will be crushed under high load, with the sides coming together and the edges at the front and rear splitting-open over a considerable vertical distance. See Comparison SKETCH with initial Postmortem Report (25% down)

When the original section is destroyed in this manner there is little hope of any repair, so the extra value of a mast with a central web that will generally prevent this, can be significant.

The value and success of the central web in a Waters WingMast was clearly demonstrated Aug 2022, when a W17 was lifted off a boat lift by a freak high wind. taken totally airborn where it flipped upside down, and then allowed to fall mast first on to a stone beach, with a loaded boat (~450lb) then crashing down directly on top of it, so hard that the 3/4” diam S/S beam-mounted pivot pin was driven totally through the mast side wall.


Despite all this and the brutal fracture of the mast into two parts, the central web kept the mast section intact and after 2 months of part-time work, the mast and boat were totally restored to their original state.                                                                      

“Long Live Magic ;-)


As such a mast repair requires some new techniques, it is Fully Detailed here for anyone interested (pdf)

A short video covering the mast parts alignment can be accessed here.   

Any reader wishing to learn more about the original mast, click here: Waters WingMast Mkl




Repair and After


Mike ..... Jan 2023

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