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Information on the home-buildable Waters-Wing carbon-fiber mast

A detailed (80+ page) illustrated manual is now available for building a very efficient and good looking CF wing mast of 8m, 9m, and 10m lengths, that sells for US$159 via Paypal, with rights to build ONE mast.    (Note: to maintain ability to give support, ALL plans to increase about 14% (for 10 years of previously non-applied inflation) on April 1st, 2020.  So this mast manual will go to US$179)

The manual contains over 100 photos and sketches and shows all details, as well as defining all the procedures and cloth layup required for each mast size.

This enables one to build a CF wing mast at 10-12% of the cost of a pro-built mast, so the savings are very significant.   The trade-off is that, without vacuum-bagging and/or resin infusion, the weight is a little greater... but still measurably less than an alum mast of the same section, as well as being stiffer and less expensive.     The 8m mast, c/w all fittings and the diamond stays, weighs around 45 lbs - but keep in mind that this design covers a wing section of close to 3:1 (depth to width) and not the more typical section of about 1.5:1 that of course uses much less material and is less efficient aerodynamically.  The advantage of the deeper 3:1 rotating wing is in its performance efficiency upwind, and this more than offsets the slightly extra weight.

To date, three masts to this design have been built, two are sailing and one has been extensively tested over 5 seasons.  Many others are now under construction.   See below for Comments.

The completed mast is proving strong and durable and even has a structural advantage over most other masts, by having a built-in transverse web for its full height, rather like the spar within a plane's wing.  This not only adds considerably to buckling resistance but also creates 2 compartments; one for the internal halyards, and a larger one that can remain sealed as an air chamber.   Also note that this mast has an attractive built-in taper above the hounds, in both width and depth.

The purchase process is to sign and return the waiver attached and then transfer funds via PayPal to this email address, after which the applicable PDF files are sent out.

CarbonMast1 CarbonMast2


"I am having so much fun making this mast!  Just to see each piece come together from a piece of cloth and resin to form a rigid, strong yet lightweight structure, is quite amazing.   The design is clever and intriguing and your detailed manual takes most of the stress out of this build so giving me, the builder, every confidence that I will end up with a good result.  Thanks a million!"   Joe-V: USA, 2019

"I have read through the CF mast manual and am very impressed with your techniques and also how comprehensive the  manual is.  The depth at which you cover the subject makes this a real bargain for anyone who has thought about building their own wing mast in carbon.  It's really a gem of a publication".
Alan-J, WA-USA,  2019.

"Hi Mike;  thanks for the CF-mast building instructions. It's a great piece of work and I thank you very much that you share   your techniques and knowledge in this way".
Günter-K, Germany,   2017

"I really enjoyed building my carbon fiber wing mast and … would even enjoy doing it again. I am very happy with my results and the skills I developed during the building, and now use carbon fiber far more than I used to. Even the cosmetics of my mast came out acceptably well as I've received many compliments from friends ... "You BUILT that !!".    My mainsail also fits the sail groove perfectly so I am really looking forward to getting it out on the water".
Ron-E, USA, 2015

"I received the manual and it looks great! It is indeed an ingenious construction method and the incorporation of a central web further adds to my confidence in the end result. The amount of detail is stunning and everything makes a lot of sense (I skimmed it twice and then gave it a more thorough read-through). I find it well-written and the detail gives a potential builder a lot of confidence that this can indeed be done. There is nothing about this method [from my perspective], that is any more difficult than typical boat building, and most of it even seems a lot simpler than that. So, great work, and I see many more masts being built using this method. I also completely understand your need for a waiver and would do the same in your position, as after all, you have no control over the end product materials, construction or use."
Todd-B: USA, 2015   (builder/sailor, experienced with composite construction)




By requesting these wing-mast plans, I confirm having read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions:

Licence: As purchaser of these mast plans and on behalf of a potential builder / operator, I acknowledge that I am granted a licence for the building of ONE mast only. I agree to request an expanded licence if planning to build more than one.

Copyright: I further acknowledge that these plans, drawings, and building manual are copyright material and that any distribution of their content or part of, requires prior written permission from the designer (or his assigns). Any disregard of this will be deemed a violation of copyright.

Acknowledgement of Indemnity: I acknowledge that while the designer may be fully qualified to design this mast with adequate strength for its intended pleasure use, he has no control over the final selection of materials, quality of workmanship, or weather conditions to which the mast may be subjected. As potential builder / owner, I therefore agree to accept the following:

Waiver: That, neither the builder, owner or any skipper, nor their heirs or assigns, will take legal action against the designer, his heirs or associates, for any damage of property, loss of use, injury or even death arising out of construction and use of this design, whether considered as caused by any deemed negligence of the designer or otherwise, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless, the designer, his heirs, successors, and associates, from any loss, liability, damage or cost that may arise relating to the building and use of this design.


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