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Trimaran Design Issues & Questions

Alternative ways to achieve Compound Curvature
Are flat-bottomed trimarans viable?
Basic Buoyancy Calculation
Basic Stress Calculations, Mt of I etc.
Calculating crossbeam size without waterstays
Calculating the strength of a waterstay on a trimaran
Can a good Trimaran hull work for a Catamaran ?
Can beachcat hulls be used for a Trimaran ?
Chesapeake Yacht Symposium summary — 2009
Choosing the right beam for a Multihull - 2022
Comparing different chine hulls
Comparing the Cross 18 with the W17 - addressing many hull-design issues of potential interest.
Converting a Monohull to a Trimaran  .. and what to consider
Daggerboards, Centerboards and Keels
Definition of Planing
Do trimarans plane?
Longer Amas and Increased Beam?
Mast Design Issues
Reverse Bows — Pros & Cons
Solid wings on a Trimaran -- Pros & Cons
Weighing a boat under 1000kg 
What about putting foils in the amas?
What are the components of weather helm?  Part 1
Why have weather helm? (plus self-drainers)  Part 1A
What can be done to correct poor helm balance?  Part 2
What makes up a Boat's resistance, and how is it calculated?
What Speed gain might one expect by a Weight reduction ?
Where does the base for most new design work come from?
Why does the price of plans vary so much?

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