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Posted June 28, 2012

The designer's own W17 nears completion under a temporary shelter in upstate Vermont.

An old piece of sanding belt wrapped around a 16mm rod or dowel, makes a good tool to fair out epoxy fillets.

Here's a nearly completed, comfortable, self-draining cockpit of a W17.
See Part 4 of W17 Main Hull construction for more details.

Posted June 13, 2012
New W17 progress pics arrive from both Virginia and Oregon in the US.
Oh, to have a neat workshop like these lucky builders!

Here are some beams under construction in Virginia…

…and from out west, come these neat looking amas.
This neat workshop is not on some expansive lot as one might imagine—but on the builder's houseboat on the Columbia River, OR, with his Corsair F24 moored alongside! He converted the entranceway and his one spare bedroom into this little paradise, as he loves his boatbuilding.

Builder reports that he was delighted the way things went together and how his amas have worked out. Apparently, nice and light too ;-)
Posted June 3, 2012

New W17 hulls find themselves already 'airborne' as they get a bright coat of paint 'down under' (AU). Apparently, this W17 will serve as a stable platform for a number of experimental cruising rigs that the owner wants to try out—hence the deck hole.
Will keep you posted on this!

Posted March 13, 2012

More W17 building news…

Here's another fine photo of Teddy's W17 just before she was first launched

and here she is in the water, after her first trial sail. The test skipper reported a few items still needed completion and tuning but wrote, "once we've finalized the outstanding items and put an experienced crew on board…this beauty will fly!"

Another W17 builder (in Chonburi, Thailand) is about 50% complete and apparently plans a very adventurous cruise with it once it's complete and passes his sea trials.

One more recent W17 plan set (#59) went to a builder on the fascinating Isle of Man, located in the tough Irish Sea, between England and Ireland. Not a coastline to fool with though! Perhaps you'll enjoy this brief intro to an ancient isle of many treasures.

Posted February 17, 2012

Launch of another W17

This beauty arrives at the launch site all neatly folded ... complete with wing mast.

Bending on the sails for the first time .... note the orange sail flash needs to be deep enough for the W17 on both sails, as this one is. Was blowing pretty hard for a first outing, so the reef was a good precaution.

Floating nice and light ... which is a good sign. Keeping the crew well forward when going upwind will put the bow back down where it should be. As the speed increases and provides more dynamic support aft, the crew can slowly ease aft. So, to keep these boats moving fast, one needs to keep 'playing' the fore and aft trim.

This first outing was cut short when they realized that they had no rudder downhaul installed! Even struggling with that, they still hit 11 knots all reefed, so I think we'll hear more from them soon.

Congrats to the builder(s) for a fine effort.

Posted November 28, 2011

More pics from the Philippines!

Here's how Jimmy chose to set up the boat to accurately align the beams and amas.

Teddy chose to sheath his rudder with a Kevlar/Carbon cloth. Nice touch ;-)

Some details of his WingMast. Builder chose an exterior metal sailtrack in this case. Though about 2.5 kg heavier and a little less efficient aerodynamically, the sail should drop much quicker when needed.

Nice moulded cap over the peak.
A 1" extra-strong pipe or bar can substitute for a custom track; costs less and bends easier. If aluminum rollers on aluminum rail cause galling, Delrin®, Tufnol® or Micarta® might be options.
Rudder—ready to go!

Completed boat on trailer. Just waiting for rigging and sails!

It's important to block under the amas as close to the main hull centreline as possible. This takes load off the top hinges while trailing. [Ed: These blocks appear too close to the hinge.]

W17 Main hullPosted November 23, 2011

Pictures just in of another W17 soon to be launched in sunny Philippines.

This looks like being the first one to sport the new wing mast—built from design details sent out free to all W17 builders.

Congrats to Teddy and master carpenter, Jimmy. Looking good!

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