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Posted February 10, 2011

Finally, a W17 in Ferrari red … with a snazzy speed stripe too!

W17 painted red

W17 painted red

Here are the light, cloth, spray skirts that really keep the boat dry.

W17 painted red

A boat cover will always give a boat a longer, healthier life and with such a roomy cockpit, can also serve for sleeping under.

Posted February 2, 2011

Since November 2010, there's been a new build system for the main beams, in order to make them lighter without loss of strength. (All registered plan owners have been sent this new design.)
So here are the first pictures of the central part of this new beam under construction. While complete details are also given in revisions to the Build Manual, there is now a 2-part article posted under Construction Tips and Techniques: Making the main beams for the W17 that covers the assembly in some detail.

Beam under construction

Upper and lower flanges are first prepared for each beam.

Beam under construction

Bias cloth is added to the plywood sides.

Beam under construction

Hinge plates are added at the ends for cross grain strength.

Beam under construction

The top and bottom are separated by compression blocks—as per plans.

Posted January 22, 2011

The W17 daggerboard can be made in several ways and the plans suggest several options. But as working with a wood core creates a Dagger Board board of about the right weight with excellent stiffness at a reasonable cost, complete details of how to do this are given under Construction Tips at Making a Dagger Board

From assembling the wood parts to the final fairing.

Dagger Board

Posted November 10, 2010
W17 Trimaran launchingW17 Trimaran launching

A W17 arrives at the launch site and is quickly unfolded and readied for launching.

W17 Trimaran launchingW17 Trimaran launching

See slide shows at W17 Sailing for more pics.

Posted October 31, 2010

Still not the final color, but an epoxy primer sure cleans up the surface in a comfortable W17 cockpit.

Hulls get luxury treatment in a paint booth.

A crew works through the night to rig a W17 for the first time.

Posted October 28, 2010
A W17 nears completion in the Philippines.

This one is getting some primer as it enters the final sanding phase.

The bow-on view shows the forward fairing and the bowsprit housing.

Here's another view of the forward beam fairing that will keep the boat much drier as well as looking good!

Posted October 26, 2010

Here's a completed W17 rudder.

One of many interesting things about a spade rudder is that its buoyancy can match its weight (as in this case) so once in the water, it becomes effectively weightless—as both weight and buoyancy are about 5 lbs

Another important advantage is that it's totally under the boat, lowering the risk of cavitation from air being sucked down, and additionally, such a rudder lends itself to having a portion of its area forward of its pivot (the stock) to give a pleasantly light helm.

And somewhat unusual for most spade rudders, this one also kicks up in shallow water.

Posted October 22, 2010

Photos coming fast and furious now, as a W17 nears completion.

The arms lined up nicely with the ama decks with only a couple of mm to grind to fit.

One can already sense the great stability and gratifying performance.

Posted October 21, 2010

A pair of W17 amas, ready for their decks

Rugged strap hinges with one single pin, link the two parts of the main forward beam.
Due to welding inconsistencies and cost, this hinge has now been replaced by a new latch design that totally eliminates welding. Info sent free to all builders. Complete units will also soon be available for purchase. (Oct 2011)

Forestay bulkhead well locked in place under both stringer and an inner gunwale.

The unique Waters- pivoting dagger board will handle most unexpected obstacles without the added resistance of a long case.

Beams aligned with hinge pins and about to be bonded to the main hull.

Posted October 10, 2010

An advanced builder makes a trial fold-up and alignment check. Far from looking boxy!

Posted September 26, 2010

More amas almost ready for their decks! Note the partial bulkheads and blocking for the beam mounting.

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