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Staple Holes

We often use staples, through some packing tape or thin plywood, to temporarily hold a panel in place until the bond has cured. But then, some builders ask, "what do you do with the small holes in the surface after the staples are withdrawn?"

While a large number of builders will simply fill the little holes with a wipe of epoxy, I have found that it's hard to avoid trapping air right under that thin layer and then later in the sun, the air expands and blows open the little hole which then lets water seep in.

So, personally, I use those long wood picks used for picking up pickles and olives etc (about 2 mm dia) and after sticking the sharp point in some left-over epoxy, I push this into each hole and then clip off the tip close to the surface with wire cutters. Once cured, they are easy to sand flush and I've seldom seen pin holes appear after doing this. I typically work with about 20 of these very inexpensive picks, re-sharpening them after each use by laying them against a grinding wheel at about 5 degrees and twisting them between ones finger and thumb. Takes about 2 minutes to sharpen all 20—the whole job is a relaxing and easy thing to do on those days when you're procrastinating and avoiding to tackle something much more important. We all have days like that ;-)

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