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So, what was New in 2021 ?

Well, I figured that JUST MIGHT get your attention .-)  

So ok guys, here‘s a change of pace ….  answer this one ?


Can a wind-propelled vehicle be built, that goes directly downwind faster than the wind that drives it ? 

Huh  ….no way !     A Science Professor even bets $10,000 (!) that it cannot …

But to raise the odds,  how about a claim of 2.7 times faster ??

Check this out guys ...... it’s worth the time it takes ;) 

Here are a couple of truly intriguing  YouTubes that will tickle the brain cells of any sailing enthusiast, even if they may not ultimately help your sailboat.

First, watch this YouTube, to get you taking sides on the argument.



Then, watch this one also, for a truly fascinating follow-up


Enjoy! .... as have over 8 million viewers (Jan 2021) with some 45,000 comments .... so dig in guys !



This fascinating science lesson is sponsored by the Kiwico Company, that creates packages of science experiments to educate kids of all ages …. go here for more information  www.kiwico.com/veritasium50





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