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A Special Product Report ..... re: 'Practical Sailor'

Here is something a little unusual.  I have never backed one boat magazine over another and I am not starting now …. but I do want to give a shout-out to the ‘Consumer Reports of the Yachting World’ as they do many interesting and useful tests on competing products, along with intelligent guidance on ‘what to use where’ …, and all this without accepting advertising from anyone.   They also do not totally forget us multihullers either, as both Cats and Trimarans are occasionally featured.  Having personally followed PS on and off for some 40 years, I feel confident to recommend it for your own benefit.  Just as for Consumer Reports, our personal experience might not always agree 100%, but for sure we will be better informed by reading what PS has to say.

Here is an EXAMPLE

Recently (in 2022), they did an update on various adhesive tapes that really DO have a multitude of useful purposes, with specific surfaces and materials to suit the application.

To read an example of work by the Editors of Practical Sailor, check out this link for his Chafe Tape Plan.   

Bio's of both Senior Editor Darrell Nicholson and Tech Editor Drew Frye are attached below for your confidence..  

CHAFE TAPE PLAN ...  or what is the best tape for a given use? 


Description of Practical Sailor and the Bio's of its current Senior & Tech Editors.

Practical Sailor has been independently testing and reporting on sailboats and sailing gear for more than 45 years. Supported entirely by subscribers, Practical Sailor accepts no advertising. Its independent tests are carried out by experienced sailors and marine industry professionals dedicated to providing objective evaluation and reporting about boats, gear, and the skills required to cross oceans. Practical Sailor is currently edited by Darrell Nicholson, a long-time live-aboard sailor and trans-Pacific cruiser who has been director of Belvoir Media Group's marine division since 2005. He holds a U.S. Coast Guard  100-ton Master license, has logged tens of thousands of miles in three oceans, and has skippered everything from pilot boats to day charter cats. His weekly blog “Inside Practical Sailor” offers an inside look at current research and gear tests at Practical Sailor, while his award-winning column,"Rhumb Lines" , tracks boating trends and reflects upon the sailing life. He sails a Sparkman & Stephens-designed Yankee 30 out of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Drew Frye, Practical Sailor’s technical editor, has used his background in chemistry and engineering to help guide Practical Sailor toward some of the most important topics covered during the past 10 years. His in-depth reporting on everything from anchors to safety tethers to fuel additives have netted multiple awards from Boating Writers International. With more than three decades of experience as a refinery engineer and a sailor, he has a knack for discovering money-saving “home-brew” products or “hacks” that make boating affordable for almost anyone. He has conducted dozens of tests for Practical Sailor and published over 200 articles on sailing equipment. His rigorous testing has prompted the improvement and introduction of several marine products that might not exist without his input. His book “Rigging Modern Anchors” has won wide praise for introducing the use of modern materials and novel techniques to solve an array of anchoring challenges. 


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