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June 24, 2014

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Building the W22—Article #11

Completing the Main Hull & Cuddy

This article shows the final steps for the cuddy top – till the hull is virtually complete.

Photo 1 shows the fitted cuddy top with final cloth sheathing while Photo 2, shows an optional flush hatch up forward for an anchor pocket. Photo 3 shows the boat inclined over for final exterior painting. It also shows 2 or 3 variants from the original plans. First, the plans show side decks that are parallel to the gunwale (which I personally prefer) but this builder made it straight for simplification. Also, the after beam was not originally planned to pass through a closed tube as shown here, but as the wider, curved track on the plans requires that part of it be made portable for disassembly, the builder choose to fit the tube so that a straight track could be mounted along its after edge (see carbon fiber flange). And finally, this owner choose to make the cockpit aft of the beam somewhat wider, by eliminating the sidedeck completely but then adding a rear bench. As he has children, I understand this is to become his ‘sailing cockpit’, but how this will work in practice remains to be seen, as this moves crew weight aft. The message from all this is that there are always compromises to be made for ANY design, but the W22 is flexible enough in its deck layout, for owners to make their own choices.


Photo 4 shows the entrance to the cuddy with the first hatchboard in place. It also shows another option chosen by the builder: .. to leave the seat lockers open, rather than enclosing them with vertical sides and using lift-up seat tops. Photo 5 shows the starboard side being painted, along with the closing panels for the cockpit sole. Photo 6, shows the final result.


Photo 7 shows the reclined main hull from the bow and apparently, the composite structure is light yet rigid enough to do this with 2 men.

In photos 8 and 9, we see the akas and portside ama being set up to check the alignment.


In the final set, photo 10 shows a support that was created over a trolley, to enable the stern of the boat to be moved around with ease. Photo 11 shows one solution for mounting the outboard at the transom. At least, with the central rudder replaced by 2 rudders on the amas, the motor can be centrally placed and therefore be more protected against wave swamping that can too frequently occur with side mounted motors when operating in rough conditions.


The last photo shows the main hull complete and being rolled out of the workshop, so that the trailer can be properly set up to kindly support the main hull, as well as have side supports added for the amas and akas.

Build Article 12 will cover some other items not yet reported on.

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