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June 24, 2014

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Building the W22—Article #10

Completing the Cuddy

In the last article, the cockpit and cuddy interior was started, so this article will take things a step further.

Photo 1 shows the cockpit deck panels now added. The vertical panels are then added to close in the cockpit stowage areas and also the backrest. This also provides useful cockpit storage for ropes and small items. In this example, the after (aka) cross tube will be passed through a prefabricated glass tube so that the exterior of this tube can be available for the attaching a mainsheet traveller. Photo 2 shows the builder trying out an option for the cuddy top. In this case, he used two layers of foam, though this shows only the first layer. Another option in the Build Manual is to use strip cedar and then sheath this inside and out. Either way, the cuddy is built over the main hull and bulkhead but not initially attached to either. In this way, once the exterior is finished, the cuddy top can be removed and the interior finished ‘downhand’ so that fairing and glassing will be far easier. Photo 3 shows the first foam layer being trial laid over the aft cuddy bulkhead.


Between the cockpit floor and the cuddy top, a strong tube will be required to take the mast compression load. In this case a CF tube was fitted, but this could also be of alloy or wood .. see Photo 4. Photo 5 shows the 2nd layer of foam being strapped down to the first and bonded to it. Temporary ‘foam screws’ are used to ensure sufficient bonding, but these are removed once the epoxy has cured. Photo 6 shows the cuddy after curing.


The next photo strip shows the cuddy top removed from the main hull for interior finishing and Photos 7,8,9 shows the various steps of progress. Note in Photo 8 and 9 that the forward hatch has been completed as well as cutting the openings for two skylights that this owner chose to fit, just forward of the mast.


Once completed, glassed, filled, faired and painted … the interior of the cuddy area in the hull is also finished and painted (see Photo 12). The cuddy top is then bonded to the hull and the final layer(s) of fiberglass sheathing fitted.


For this particular boat, the builder/owner decided to leave the cockpit floor panels loose – being held in place with simple rotating clips, so that the under-floor space will be accessible for stowage.

Article #11 will show the completion of the mainhull and cockpit.

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