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W17 trimaran - On the Wind

This video shows the W17 going smartly upwind at about 10k and sometimes easing off to a close reach, reaching 12k with a wind in the 10-12k range. The smoothness of the ride seems pretty clear, plus the dryness, space and comfort of the cockpit. The stern wake is clean and the rudder helm super-light, so free of induced drag often caused by a rudder acting as a partial brake. Obviously, it gives a lot of pleasure to sail around like this and that’s what the W17 does so well. (The use of a trapeze in these conditions was only as an experiment to test the gear and foot grip, as the skip had then to move to leeward to keep the windward ama out of the water). The boat is very stable with its 14ft beam, a beam that readily reduces to 7’-2” when folded