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More video of the W17R

Though we’re still looking forward to some stronger winds, this footage at least shows the general efficiency of the boat, as whenever we’ve been out, we seem to always find a moment to hit wind speed - and that is very satisfying … up to 13.1k so far with barely 13k of wind. The boat is clean and quiet through the water and I am very pleased with the way the hull shapes work … as they achieve exactly what I had hoped.   Leeway is surprisingly low, the ride is very smooth and the boat feels easily driven, as she cleanly accelerates in a puff.

And following a few tweaks to some equipment, (like the addition of a SeaSure sail feeder, a decent Cunningham tackle, a way to lash up the mast tiller while sail lowering, and a 2m tiller extension for each side), everything now seems to work well. So far, the only thing I want to change is the access to the aft storage space. As for the forward access, going down through the deck is easier than through the bulkhead, but as the after deck has the tiller on the centerline, separate access is needed from each side, either through some hinged arrangement or two separate hatches, so this will be studied over the winter months.

[Finally, in 2017, a pivoting opening locker front was designed into the aft bulkhead and then in 2019, an additional sliding deck hatch aft has been designed.   These two additions make for the best overall solution.     Details are available on request ].

So while we wait for more wind, the 2 videos here at least show how responsive the boat is and easy to maneuver, while the short one was taken in an attempt to illustrate the relatively low leeway resulting from the unique ama shape and built-in toe-in.

So enjoy; send me your comments!
mike, Aug 2014


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