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Omur's story to date (C93) ... from Izmir, Turkey                                      

 LD:  September 2017                                                                ................   as pieced together from several translated emails


                                                 Hi Mike                                                                                                           October 2018

I finally finished my W17 and I am very proud of her.  I bought the plans in 2014 and if you remember, then got 2017 updates to make sure I had the latest ideas.   The GETEX marine plywood I used came from SEEF-Gabon, a company in West Africa, and it is of good quality Okoume.

Before building the boat, I made a 1/20th scale cardboard model just to visualize what I was to build.  Here also is a photo of strapping on the bottom panel to the main hull.  By Feb 2017, I was 90% finished.

I made many of my own fittings and here are the latches and foresail furler parts that I had laser-cut for me in stainless steel.   I also built my own ice box with foam and thin plywood.     I choose to use the Cruising Rig as my wife was to sail with me.   Cruising around my area we have many shipping lanes to be aware of so I planned on a VHF antenna, lights and a 60W solar panel to charge a phone, GPS etc.     I mounted the solar panel off the stern on an aluminum frame that spreads out to both sides, so I can add another panel if needed.   Although a small boat,  my wife also wanted to have a proper toilet on board, so we found place for a Porta-Potti at the aft end of the cockpit which is not really much in the way as it's under the tiller.    To get quickly out of shipping lanes etc, we also choose to carry a 3.5hp TOHATSU MFS long shaft outboard and as that also needed gas tanks, we were pretty heavily loaded for our first cruise in 2018.   I think I mounted the motor too low though so need to raise it to keep it dry.

As I am long retired, to be secure we sailed mostly with the mainsail reefed. Even though we struggled to get the reefed sail to set well, we still managed speeds faster than a conventional monohull.   We also felt safer as the stability really keeps the heel down, making us both feel comfortable and adds to our enjoyment.   Oh yes, I also made a demountable tent structure to sleep under.      

We got our sails from Ulmer Sails, and the cruise-main, jib and genoa came locally to about 1200 Euros. I bought a used alloy mast from a catamaran but one day in 2017 after it was first set up, it was stolen from the boat and I had to find another one, but that was all set up again for our 2018 trip   I will attach a few pics from the little videos we took.     We are having quite an adventure with this wonderful boat and I want to thank you for all your support and help to answer my questions.

                                                    Omur Bulent, Izmir, Turkey