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INSTALLING iPhoto-Plus4 to work on a Windows 7 computer

If you have the neat photo and sketch program called ‘iPhoto-Plus4’ and love its simplicity as much as I do, you will be pleased to know that there IS a way to install this XP program, (and perhaps many others) on to a computer running Windows 7 …, even though it refuses to recognize the original installation CD.

The major problem with installing ‘iPhoto Plus 4’ is NOT that it won't run under Windows 7, but rather that the ‘INSTALLATION’ software won't run under Windows 7!

Here’s what I discovered. Go to CONTROL PANEL and select PROGRAMS. Then click on ‘RUN PROGRAMS MADE FOR PREVIOUS VERSIONS of Windows’. Follow the instructions there after.  It may work but in my case, it still could not find the execute program.

So I opened the CD folders and went looking for D:\PC\IP\IPP4.ENG\setup.exe

It’s the IPP4.ENG file that it needs. So I managed to ‘slide’ this over to my new Win7 Desktop, and after that, when I went back to ‘‘RUN PROGRAMS MADE FOR PREVIOUS VERSIONS of Windows’, this time it worked! (But I DO have to keep that IPP4 Folder on my Desktop). Remember to REBOOT after doing this.

I also found these notes on the internet, so in case the above does not work for you, perhaps these additional notes will help. Thanks to whoever posted them on the Windows Forum.


The work-around is to install it on any version of Windows that it *WILL* install on, then merely copy all the working files from the program's working directory (i.e., C:\Windows\Program Files (x86)\iPhoto Plus to your higher version of Windows where it won't install.

For example, many years ago I had received a copy of IPP4 with an ACER scanner. I had installed it on a Windows 95 PC. Then, as I am prone to do, I backed up the installed, program  files.

Subsequently, I have "ported" those same program files to Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, several sub-versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, and most recently Windows 8.1. It works just fine on all.

The only minor wrinkles are that you may have to go into the IPP4 "Preferences Menu" (F6), click the "Associate" tab, and check the file types you want it to recognize. Then reboot.

And/or then on the Windows taskbar click: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Default Programs > Associate a file type...

... and tell Windows to associate all of the file extensions that you checked in the IPP4 Preferences Menu above with IPP4. Note that the exact way to get to Windows "Associate a file type..." page depends on the version of Windows you're using. And, the exact method for changing the file extension associations may also vary. You may have to get a little "creative." Or delve into the dreaded Windows Help files to figure it out.

Then create links (Windows calls them "Shortcuts.") from IPE.EXE in the directory (Windows calls them "Folders.") that you copied it to, to your Taskbar, Start Menu, Desktop, etc. so you don't have to go on a global search every time you want to use IPP4. (Creating links/shortcuts is a topic for another dissertation. Search the Windows Help files.)

Then be sure to reboot before trying to use IPP4 to make sure all your work is properly institutionalized (or should that be initialized?) by Windows.

If you have Windows 7 64 bit then go to the IPP4.eng folder then click on the programs folder and right click on the IPE.exe file and click pin to task bar or pin to start menu, or you can create a shortcut and move it to your desktop.

Is far as I know this is the only version Ulead made that works with all Windows in this way.


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