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Rough Pricing of Small Trimarans <30 ft (2008)

Well, here's something that should bring in some debate ;-)

As I am sometimes asked… 'Well what would that cost me?', I decided to put together the simplest possible formula in order to arrive at a quick ballpark figure, depending on whether it was a Production boat or Homebuilt.

It makes a LOT of assumptions of course and will certainly not cover all the details of various sail or mast materials, but it's a useful start.

Because, getting ANY basic data is difficult, it uses only three readily available criteria, so assumes that whatever the item, it's a variable of one or more of these dimensions. For example that sail area is a function of beam and mast height… that material is a function of length and beam… and so on.

Anyway, it's better than nothing and just a start as I'm sure some of you pricing experts can help tweak at least the Cost Constants ;-)
Actually, with the use of these six Cc factors, it's surprising how close one can get!

(By the way, it did appear that the use of (L × B × H)² could be tweaked by using a slightly lower value of the power indice, like 1.8, and raising the cost coefficients, but decided to stay with the 'square' as being far easier to calculate. The KISS principle ;-)

Rough Pricing of Trimarans

L = Length overall (ft)
B = Beam overall (ft)
H = Mast height (ft)

[L × B × H)/1000]² = Cd (Dimension Coefficient)

Cc = Cost Coefficient (see preliminary values below)

US$ Cost(2008)> = Cd × Cc

Estimated US$ Cost = Cc × [L × B × H)/1000]²    (Waters Formula)

Preliminary Values — subject to updates

Cc   Description
175   Production Cost basic boat, no interior, RTS
195   With full equipment, RTS
210      - ditto - with trailer
230   Basic stripped boat of 100% carbon fibre, RTS
100   Total Material Cost (plywood & epoxy sheathing) RTS
120   Total Material Cost (foam & epoxy glass) RTS
    RTS = Ready to Sail

Using this formula and above factors (for 2008 $s)
(I've guessed some of the dimensions) gives:

SeaCart   30 × 22 × 50 = US$250,000
F22 22 × 18 × 35 = US$33,600 basic, $40,340 c/w eqpt + trailer
Trikara 19 × 16 × 30 = US$8,300 for materials, RTS
W22 22 × 19 × 30 = US$15,700 - ditto - all materials
F25A 26 × 18 × 33 = US$28,600 - ditto - all materials
W17 17 × 14 × 24 = US$3,600 - all materials (ply + sails)
= US$8,830 Production (composite) - RTS

"New articles, comments and references will be added periodically as new questions are answered and other info comes in relative to this subject, so you're invited to revisit and participate." —webmaster

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