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LAUNCHING DOLLY for the W17 trimaran …… and other similar boats

While the W17 can best be stored in shallow water on a Boat Lift, it is equally recommended to dry-store the boat (for the longest life) and for this, some users may find a form of boat dolly will better suit their specific needs.   In this case, I suggest a 4 wheeled dolly, somewhat as per the arrangement shown below.     Wheels and axles should all be of non-corrosive materials and plain bearings of plastic work fine for this if each wheel capacity is at LEAST 150 lbs, ideally 200 lbs.   Also cover the two wood planks with old carpet so that the bottom paint is not damaged.

As the boat will be close to 500 lbs all rigged, the 4 wheels will make sure the boat stays roughly horizontal compared to a dinghy dolly.  This significantly reduces the hassle.  Pull-up loads are typically in the order of 10-20% of the weight, so let’s estimate 50-100 lbs; quite doable by one with a 2-part tackle, or with 2 for a direct push/pull.

When hauling out and to avoid the whole dolly and boat running back into the water, it’s worth having some wheel blocks available.   For this rig, a beveled cross beam of wood slung under the dolly and hung from a light 3mm plaited nylon cord rigged on each side, can be very useful and will simply drag up the ramp or beach behind the wheel, but will be automatically ready to catch the dolly, should one need to stop and pause.

When lowering and launching the boat, this beam blocker can be hauled up above the  ground surface to permit free rolling down.

Various arrangements based on what is shown here, can work equally well.

Getting organized in this way can make launching and retrieving so much easier that you’ll find you will get out sailing a lot more.  Happy days!


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