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List of Twelve Homebuildables

Here was the original planned group—listed alphabetically:

Although it was originally planned to write up a description of these 12 homebuildables for this article, basic thoughts on many of these boats have since been presented in two reports. One is the free Review of Nine Small Folding Day Trimarans that includes the six homebuildables marked with a  after the name. Four of the others, marked with a ♥, are covered in the more elaborate $7 Report on Small Trimarans also available through this website.

The elderly Buccaneer 24 design is already covered to some degree in my article The Buccaneer 24 Trimaran.
Latest information on the W22, for which plans are scheduled to be ready by Spring 2011, can now be found through The W22 Trimaran Main Page.

The other designs like Dudley Dix's ThreeFold, the Typhoon and Tango23 etc have not been totally forgotten, but will be included in a new report, scheduled after the completion of the W22 plans, so one will need to be patient for this.

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