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Greetings, My question comes from a simple need - to find a way to help cover rising expenses for this website.

Here’s the situation …..

Unfortunately, this website was built directly using HTML and not with user-friendly software, so it takes someone more knowledgeable than I to maintain it and post new data – and this is now often costing more than the website brings in. Though I’ve been pleased to offer this FREE for over 6 years and hope to continue that, I now need a solution to help cover my costs.

So my question is this: Would you rather have the site laced with advertisements like so many others out there, or would you, just those who are able, be ready to make a small donation (something in the order of $1/month?), to allow me to keep adding new info and articles, while staying AD-free ? Your thoughts on this would be most appreciated. Meanwhile, I will still try to answer all reasonable questions without charge.

I’ve never wanted to deal with or be in any way influenced by advertisers, as page space was always at a premium for the amount of info I’ve wanted to share. But as I’ve mentioned, the website requires qualified help to maintain, as it’s not based on an easy-to-use platform but directly programmed in HTML. This involves some regular expense. For a long while, I managed to cover this but as the site expanded and hosting/web management costs rose, there is now an imbalance and I’m faced with asking the above question to find out what you, the reader, consider the most preferred way to continue. I do not need or ask much as I’m still ready to write and share what I know for nothing – but as reluctant as I am to ask, I do need just a little help for website maintenance and updating.

So please, if keeping this website going without advertisements is important to you, think about being a modest donor by transferring just a few dollars through PayPal to trimarandesign@earthlink.net – whatever you feel is a fair amount to represent your will, to keep things running and growing.

Thank you all so much …. you’ve already flooded me with generous comments about how you appreciate the site, but now, I just need a little help from those who can, to continue this work.

best regards,