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A listing of published articles by Michael Waters that have appeared in magazines and other publications:

Introducing the S.O.F.T solution - Multihulls Magazine article March/April 2017 ... on a proposed design solution for more collision safety, by naval architect Mike Waters
WoodenBoat Magazine - independent review of the W17 Trimaran by Geoff Kerr.  Issue #254, Jan-Feb 2017
Tribute to Charles Chiodi, founder and ex editor of Multihulls Magazine  Jan 2015
Published by Multihull Magazine

Multihull Sailor - Fall 2014 - "Take a Bow"
This article is based on an earlier article entitled 'Reverse Bow' on this website, but edited down by SAIL Magazine to suit available space and published with different photos. If something is not clear, please refer to the original in the Design section".

MULTIHULLS, July/August 2010 – "Considering a Small Trimaran? — Part 1"

MULTIHULLS, September/October 2010 – "Considering a Small Trimaran? — Part 2"

"Background on W22 Design" (book article) (Dec 2009/July 2010)

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